Hello & welcome 

Bluddy Salutations

Hi there.


Some of you may know me from my former multi-disciplinary creative studio Nanospore, which had focuses in designer toy-making, illustration, motion, animation, etc. etc. Others may remember me as someone who just disappeared off the face of North America several years ago. Lastly, I'm fairly certain a few of you bastards have spotted me frolicking through Asia doing GOD-KNOWS-WTF. No, no... no, no. I was mostly working at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai (yup, advertising - no lie) making and taking all sorts of weird shits. I'm speaking in the filmic sense, of course, through art direction and content development.


These memories of yours, they are all probably true.

But many of you don't know me at all. And that is okay.

Because this is where my actual actual introduction comes in.




No. That was it.

Feel free to rummage,